VTLA Studio


Urban Interventions

LPDP tests an innovative green infrastructure design and landscape strategy to strengthen the ecological and social roles of two public laneways in the City of Toronto.

Laneway punctures are incisions made along the central drainage channel of paved, impervious surfaces which are then installed with open grid, concrete unit pavers, filled with a porous soil and planted with a seed mix of urban hardy perennials.  The permeable areas create an increased catchment area for rainwater infiltration, provide additional micro-habitat for insects and spontaneous seed colonization, improve biodiversity levels, increase the capacity to naturally filter dust and other pollution from the air and provide a platform for citizen stewardship of the public realm.


Project Landscape Architect with:
City of Toronto – Beautiful Streets, Public Realm Section, Transportation Services.
Councilor Mike Layton, Ward 19
The Laneway Project
The David Suzuki Foundation’s Homegrown National Park Project
Ecoman Landscape Contractor